Old Spice – Smell Like A Man, Man

Old Spice – Smell Like A Man, Man

Prior to the 2010 Superbowl, Old Spice launched a campaign featuring a man’s man (Isaiah Mustafa) explaining to the audience about how great Old Spice is. This towel adorned messiah like figure proceeded to dominate most TV sets across the globe for the subsequent 5 years. Listed below is some of the achievements that this campaign ended up raking in.

• Nearly 105 million YouTube views of the campaign
• 1.2 billion earned media impressions, including features on national broadcast networks and international media outlets
• 2700% increase in Twitter followers
• 800% increase in Facebook fan interaction • 300% increase in traffic to http://oldspice.com
• Old Spice has become the #1 Most Viewed Sponsored YouTube Channel

While this campaign was largely successful on a global scale and was immensely popular with the urban market and youth demographic, I couldn’t help to notice that the more campaigns that Old-Spice pumped out, the more it resembled a pensioner in a care home slipping deeper and deeper into dementia.

The advert’s became less about the products that Old Spice sold and more about the visual and auditory rollercoaster that the viewer was about to engage in. Now I’m not stuck in the mud, and I love Terry Crews as much as the next person, and I understand that strange is entertaining and explosions will capture the audiences attention, but to me, a product that is being sold by an oiled-up action movie actor who is riding a tiger isn’t going to earn my money. Call me crazy, but if this screaming man is using a product that causes him to hear his biceps speak to him and proceeds to have his brain leave his head powered by a jetpack he could be a touch delusional. If you saw a man in the street having a conversation with his arms with intermittent screams you’d assume he was bat-shit insane and, in my eyes, would probably smell like cigarettes and stale urine.

The only saving grace was Isaiah Mustafa’s entrance into the campaign where he brought a touch of class and humour at the same time. Old Spice then managed to tap into the Australian youth demographic further by recruiting The Bondi Hipsters to create a catchy song about becoming a man and moving out on your own while utilising the classic stuck-up humour that the duo so proudly boast.

Overall, I think Old Spice is doing a good job, but they need to dial back the insanity aspects because, in my personal opinion, loss of mental control often comes hand in hand with loss of bladder control. Not something you would often pair with smelling pleasant.

Celebrity endorsement & potential for humour: B-.
Misguided management of campaign progression and subsequent slip into dementia: E-