As a third year Marketing & Management student at the University of Melbourne, the looming prospect of entering the real world, getting a job, and leaving the security (emotional, physical, and financial [edit: lack of financial]) that is the life of a university student, draws nearer and nearer.

Sat in a 3rd year lecture for Advertising and Promotions, I glanced around the room and realised that my fellow class mates would soon be the people I would have to compete against in order to lock down a job in the highly competitive industry that is marketing.
All of these students were in the same boat as me, and more likely than not, had the same ambitions as me and thus, instantly became my rivals.

I needed to start thinking like a marketing manager for a new product (my future career) and had to find a way to give myself a competitive advantage over all my old friends and new opponents. Something that would appeal to my future employers (shout out if you’re reading this now). Something that would aptly express who I am and what I’m interested in. Something to make me stand out from the rest of the Marketing post-graduate crowd.

There are three things I love in this world. Cereal, Cynicism and Marketing. I figured I may not be able to incorporate my love of cereal into this blog immediately (here’s to hoping Kellogg’s drops some mad campaigns soon), thus I created this blog page combing my love of cynicism and marketing. I hope to use this blog to evaluate a number of marketing campaigns and what I enjoy about them and mostly about what I dislike about them and where I feel they could have improved. My goal is to post a blog at least twice a month (hopefully more depending on the intensity of my current workload) with aims to post weekly as I begin to de-load with my study.

And on that note; I shall write my first ever blog-post…


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